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How To Fix WordPress White Screen Of Death

How To Fix WordPress White Screen Of Death

You may have known about the acclaimed Windows blue screen of death error. It’s an error that disappoints all PC users. Be that as it may, have you known about or run over the WordPress white screen of death?

All things considered, no compelling reason to get frightened by the name. Much like the Windows error, the WordPress white screen of death (WSOD) is an error that makes your WordPress website appear as a clear page on a program with no error messages or error codes.

While it sounds unnerving, there are a couple of basic ways you can dispose of the WordPress white screen of death error. In this guide, we will walk you through every one of these techniques for settling the WordPress WSOD error.

What Is WordPress White Screen Of Death (WSOD)?



WordPress white screen of death is a standout amongst the most widely recognized errors WordPress users experience. It generally happens after installing another plugin or a theme that’s contradictory with another module or the WordPress centre records.

On the off chance that you see a clear page on the program when you attempt to visit your website, without any errors or data, at that point your webpage is undoubtedly giving a WSOD error.

What Causes WordPress WSOD Errors?

WordPress WSOD errors can be caused by either PHP errors or database errors. For instance, when you introduce an obsolete module that hasn’t been refreshed in a while, it might cause issues since the module code isn’t good with the code being utilized by more up to date forms of WordPress.

This sort of events is normal when you introduce subjects that come packaged up with obsolete modules that you should introduce for the topic to appropriately work. That is the reason it’s in every case best to buy themes that are routinely refreshed. What’s more, dependably verify whether the subject or module you’re going to introduce is perfect with the most recent renditions of WordPress.

Step by Step Instructions to Fix WordPress WSOD Error

WordPress WSOD is an error that can be effectively settled. There’s no compelling reason to employ developers or administrations, you can really settle everything independent from anyone else. Just pursue the strategies underneath.

Note: The following techniques include rolling out improvements to your website centre records. We prescribe that you reinforcement your website before experiencing any of the means beneath. On the off chance that you haven’t already setup backups or don’t approach your website back-end right now, contact your web host and verify whether they have late reinforcements of your website on the server.

Technique 1: Try Disabling Plugins

Since PHP errors are usually caused by modules and subjects, you can begin your investigating procedure by first debilitating the majority of the modules on your WordPress website.

Check whether you can log in to the administrator dashboard of your website. In the event that you can, simply ahead and debilitate the majority of the modules. Check if that settles the WSOD error.



On the off chance that your webpage seems online in the wake of incapacitating the modules, at that point you can empower the modules one by one to see which one causes the error.

In the event that you don’t approach the WordPress administrator zone, at that point you can reset the majority of the modules on your WordPress website through FTP.

To do this, you have to log in to your server utilizing an FTP client application. At that point get to the server utilizing your root login subtle elements, which is given to you when agreeing to accept a facilitating plan.

Peruse the records to find the WP-Content folder. Inside this organizer, you’ll discover a sub-envelope named Plugins. This is the place all your modules are put away. Simply rename this organizer to something unique (eg: Plugins-awful).

This will deactivate the majority of the modules introduced on your website and reset your webpage to the default state.

Technique 2: Change The Theme

On the off chance that crippling modules don’t settle the error, at that point it’s no doubt caused by a topic. Have a go at changing the topic. You can pursue indistinguishable strides from above to change the topic.



Login to your Admin dashboard, go to Appearance >> Themes and at that point initiate the default WordPress topic.

On the off chance that you don’t approach the administrator region, login to the server by means of FTP and go to the WP-Content folder. In this organizer, you’ll discover a sub-envelope named Themes. You’ll discover an envelope with every one of the records of your as of now dynamic topic in the Themes organizer. Influence a duplicate of that topic and afterwards to erase the first envelope. This will return your website subject to the default WordPress topic.

On the off chance that it settles the error, at that point you should check the functions.php file of your broken subject for any code that may cause the WSOD error.

Technique 3: Change Memory Limits

Now and then, WordPress WSOD issues can likewise be caused by not having enough memory to run your website. For instance, when your webpage has too numerous modules and gets heaps of movement, the default characterized memory points of confinement may not be sufficient to deal with all the website occurrences without a moment’s delay.

You can take a stab at expanding the memory furthest reaches of your website to check whether it settles the issue.

To do this, log in to your server by means of FTP and open the wp-config.php document with a code editorial manager. And after that add this code to the file define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’); and hit spare.

Or then again, you can include this code php_value memory_limit 64M to your .htaccess record to check whether it settles the error too.

Note: Always make sure to make a reinforcement duplicate of records before rolling out any improvements.

Still Doesn’t Work?

On the off chance that your WordPress site is as yet giving a WSOD error even in the wake of following every one of these techniques, at that point, it could be caused by a more genuine error.

For instance, a WSOD error can happen when the server comes up short amid a WordPress auto-refresh, which is a fundamental component most managed facilitating platforms provides. Or then again perhaps your webpage has surpassed the number of permitted databases on the server and your web have has closed down your website. Or on the other hand, your server might experience a support session.

In such cases, it merits contacting your web have bolster group and requesting their assistance.


WordPress WSOD is just a single of the numerous errors that you’ll experience when utilizing WordPress consistently. Be that as it may, don’t give these errors and issues a chance to frighten you. WordPress is as yet one of the most stable substances administration systems in the world and it keeps on improving with each new refresh.

You can likewise play it safe to keep away from this kind of issues from occurring in any case, such as changing to a better-managed WordPress facilitating stage, introducing a Firewall, and twofold checking before introducing outsider modules.