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Affordable Web Design Services.

Welcome to FallingBrick, your trusted partner for quality web solutions. My goal? To help your business grow and shine online. I’ve got skills in custom web design, development, e-commerce, WordPress, SEO, and more.

Web Design Services
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Bespoke Web Design Services.

I craft websites that not only look smashing but work like a charm for your business. First things first, I sit down with you to get the lowdown on your company, your goals, and the people you want to reach. Armed with this info, I whip up a website that’s easy on the eyes, a breeze to use, and screams your brand’s personality. I make sure your site’s a doddle to navigate and works well on all devices. The end game? To give your visitors an ace experience that keeps them hooked and turns them into customers.

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Custom Web Development Expertise.

A pretty website needs solid tech to back it up. That’s where I come in. I build fast, secure, and scalable websites using the latest tech and top-notch coding. Whether you need a simple site or a fancy web app, I can bring your online dreams to life. I handle all the techy bits – custom code, connecting your site to other tools, setting up databases – the lot. This means you can focus on running your business while I take care of your online presence.

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WordPress Web Design & Development.

WordPress is a popular choice for many businesses, and I know it inside out. I can build new WordPress sites or give your existing ones a makeover. My services cover designing custom themes, developing plugins, updating to new versions, keeping your site shipshape, and boosting its performance. I know how to squeeze every drop of goodness from WordPress to create powerful, future-proof websites that fit your brand like a glove.

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E-commerce Web Design & Development.

Want to sell online? You need a secure, effective online shop. I’m your man for creating online shopping experiences that boost your sales. I make it a walk in the park for customers to browse and buy from you. From setting up payment systems to sorting out shipping and tax costs automatically, I’ve got you covered. I also make sure your online shop pops up in search results and loads quickly as a flash, helping you sell more.

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SEO & Integrated Digital Marketing.

Even brilliant websites need eyeballs to generate leads and sales. I can help with that too. I fine-tune your website’s content, structure, and coding to help it climb up the search rankings and pull in more visitors. I also offer advanced SEO services like local SEO, e-commerce SEO, and fixing Google penalties. To give your online presence an extra boost, I can lend a hand with online ads, social media marketing, email campaigns, and creating content. This ensures people can find you through various online channels.

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Ongoing Maintenance & Support.

To keep your website in tip-top shape, it needs regular TLC. My maintenance service covers updating software, checking for security nasties, monitoring your site’s performance, improving user experience, updating content, and making sure your server’s fighting fit. I can also host your website, keep backups, and provide expert support whenever you need it. Please think of me as your personal website doctor, keeping your online presence in the pink of health.

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Tailored Packages & Pricing.

I get it – every business has different budgets, timelines, and needs. That’s why I offer pricing packages that bend and flex to suit you. Need a full website build or just help with certain bits? I’ve got you covered. My affordable packages are tailored to your goals, priorities, and what you need. You can opt for ongoing services or just individual tasks like design, WordPress work, SEO, or e-commerce. I also offer monthly payment plans to make my top-drawer services easier on your wallet.

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