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The Best Colour Pickers in 2019

The Best Colour Pickers

Collecting shading palettes you find on the web or as you’re taking a shot at a design isn’t generally a simple procedure. You could utilize your web browser’s Inspect tool to snatch the hex code or get a screen capture and use Photoshop, later on, to pull the hues from it.

Or on the other hand, you could streamline the procedure and snatch a committed shading picker instrument that will enable you to get shading from any website, on the work area or on portable without leaving your program window. Here is the list of best shading pickers that will make it simple to collect shading palettes.


Instant Eyedropper

Instant Eyedropper is a free Windows tool that makes it simple to get shading from anyplace on your screen. When you introduce this lightweight application, it will sit in your framework plate. You should simply click its symbol and pick a shading, at that point the application will duplicate the code to your clipboard. The application underpins the accompanying shading code designs: HTML, HEX, Delphi Hex, Visual Basic Hex, RGB, HSB, and Long.

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper is a program addon that takes a shot at Google Chrome and some other Chromium-based program. The augmentation enables you to rapidly and effectively get shading from anyplace in your program and shows it in HEX or RGB group. You can spare hues to history and they are naturally replicated to your clipboard when you pick a shading. The augmentation is allowed to utilize.


ColorPic is another lightweight Windows shading picker apparatus that works with every real form of Windows. It is anything but a free program despite the fact that it offers a free preliminary. It was designed to work explicitly with high res. screens and supports HEX, RGB, and CMYK shading groups. You can set aside to 16 hues in the palettes, and utilize 4 propelled shading mixers to modify the hues.

Just Color Picker

Just Color Picker is a multi-stage utility for picking hues. This device enables you to pick hues, spare them, alter them, and consolidate them into shading palettes prepared for use in different applications. It underpins a wide scope of shading groups and incorporates a zoom device for better exactness, the capacity to alter Photoshop and Gimp shading swatches, and it can even compute separate between two pixels.


ColorZilla is a Firefox add-on that enables you to snatch any shading from any page that is open in your Firefox program window. This augmentation has work in the palette that enables you to rapidly pick a shading and spare the most utilized hues in a custom palette. You can likewise effectively make CSS angles. The addon is free and supports HEX and RGB shading positions. It can likewise be utilized with a Chrome program.

ColorPick Eyedropper

ColorPick Eyedropper is the second-most prevalent program add-on that works in Chrome and Chromium-based programs. What separates it from the Eye Dropper augmentation above is the capacity to focus in on any zone of the program window to enable you to concentrate in on the definite shading you need. The application is free for individual use and it additionally has its very own work area application in the event that you need an apparatus that works outside your program window.

Rainbow Color Tools

Rainbow Color Tools is another free Firefox add-on that makes shading picking simple. The add-on lets you effectively pick a shading and it likewise incorporates a website analyzer that concentrates the shading plan from the present website’s pictures and CSS. It underpins RGB and HSV shading positions and enables you to spare the hues into your very own library that gives you a chance to label pictures dependent on websites you picked hues from or your own labels.

ColorSnapper 2

The ColorSnapper 2 is a shading picker for Mac users that encourages them to discover a shading anyplace on their screen. The application is conjured by tapping the menu symbol or through a worldwide alternate route and it has a one of a kind high-exactness mode for better precision. You can pick between 10 diverse shading arrangements and control the application with signals and console alternate routes. The application is accessible in the application store and accompanies a 14-day free preliminary.


iDropper is a shading picker for iOS. It’s perfect with iPhones and iPads so, in the event that you do design take a shot at your iPad, you’ll effectively have the option to snatch hues, spare them, and use them in any application. You can spare hues to your top picks and supports RGB, HEX, HSV, and CMYK design. The application is allowed to download and utilize.


In the event, you are an Android fan, at that point make certain to look at the Pixolor application. When you empower the application, it demonstrates a gliding circle over different applications alongside the shading data underneath it. To duplicate the shading code, you should simply tap the Share catch or tap outside the circle overlay. The application bolsters RGB and HEX shading positions.