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Web Design Trends for 2014


The Year 2013 nearly ends. It’s about time to think what new web design trends we’ll have in the year 2014. Here we’ve got 6 main points.

1. Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is the most important web design trend at the moment. It’s all about background moving at a slower rate to the foreground during the page scrolling. When used sparingly it can provide a subtle element of the 3D depth.

2. Flat design

Flat design is a key to simplicity and that gives user experience which is the highest priority. Great examples of this technology you can notice in Windows 8 and iPhone (IOS7).

3. Single page websites (like my website)

It’s already a past when people used to have a home, about us, gallery or contact page on separate pages. Today user doesn’t want to spend an additional amount of time to open the second page. That’s a reason why single page websites are working better than separate pages. It’s also a great thing for mobile users. Since the trend of responsive design is so popular, this will be a great thing for web designers world.

4. Various pixels

Designers will get more freedom to do something interesting with their designs. On mobile phones, especially iPhones, Android phones and retina displays have become very popular.

5. Typography

Today typography is much more important than before. A well-selected font can give superb effect in your design. Designers are using typography to give a more unique look for logos and branding.

6. CMS (Content Management System) based websites

Most of the customers want to control content on their websites. That’s why a number of sites based on content management system (CMS) are growing fast. The most popular example of CMS is WordPress (easy to use, flexible and with great support).