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Top Magento E-commerce Plugins – #1 AheadWorks Help Desk Ultimate

top magento ecommerce plugins

OK, it’s not a secret, I love Magento e-commerce – that much goes without saying. It’s the worlds number one e-commerce system and for good reason. However I will also admit that it certainly isn’t perfect straight out of the box, but that’s ultimately down to the incredibly flexible framework that makes it so special.



The fact you can customise Magento as much as you may desire is the main reason it has been so successful. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be running over a few of my favourite Magento e-commerce plugins that I have found to make a real difference to my customers. So what’s first on the list?

AheadWorks Help Desk Ultimate

Companies help desk and support facility is often the first port of call for any customer that has potentially had a problem with your business. Sadly it is something that is only too often overlooked by businesses launching a new site, as they focus on the drive for new sales.
However I know from experience that while a customer who has had a good experience might tell one or two people (and that is a big might!) someone who has had a bad experience will gladly sing it from the rooftops, posting it on Twitter, Facebook and any review site that allows posts without questions asked. And yes – I’m as guilty of it as anyone else!

But this is serious stuff. And reviews and online feedback quickly lead to a fairly terrible reputation online. This then negatively effects the possibility of any referrals from social media not to mention the potential impact on on-site conversions as customers research a brands presence online.

If you are not keeping on top of your customer support you can oh too quickly find your online reputation in tatters, and you have a battle on your hands to regain it. Which is where Help Desk Ultimate comes in…


What Is It?

Help Desk Ultimate is effectively a “turnkey solution for…….customer care and support” to quote AheadWorks. It features case tracking and resolution management to ensure you can stay on top of those all-important support queries.

What Does It Do? Help Desk Ultimate Features:

Predefined auto responses – ensuring your customers know their query is being processed

Full history linked to customer record – Easily accessed from the Magento customer record ensuring you know if a customer has had a similar experience before, and if you perhaps want to go that extra mile and offer and store credit or discount voucher.

These details are also noted according to the order details, ensuring you know exactly when and with what the customer has had an issue.

2-way parsing – Or to put it simply, the conversion of customer emails into a simple ticket system which reply’s using your email system, once it has been configured. Emails sent by staff members are automatically processed through the system and stored against the incident, then passed on to the customer.

Unlimited Departments – It has the ability for different support queries to be allocated to different departments, ensuring customers contact the right person from the get-go, and aren’t passed from pillar to post in search of a resolution to their issue.

Multi-store compatibility – Not only can you divide support by departments, but also according to the different front ends – particularly useful if you are managing multiple language sites.

Flexible Ticket Management – Including the functionality to pass tickets to other departments or to lock tickets so only you or a chose admin group can edit them.

Ticketing Priority System – Allowing tickets to be given levels of importance according to customer groups. Really useful if you have a group of top or regular customers who you want to ensure are always looked after to the best of your ability.

And much more besides.

Compatibility and Costs

Magento Community – module cost $199
Magento Enterprise – module cost $1189

If you are looking at installing Help Desk Ultimate please feel free to get in touch, or if you need more information on the module to have a look at the AheadWorks side on the following link:

Website link – AheadWorks Help Desk Ultimate