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Top 6 WordPress Landing Page Plugins Comparison in 2020

Top 6 WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Scanning for the best WordPress point of arrival module to assist you with building some high-changing over pages?

The times of expecting to contract a designer/developer for each presentation page are no more. Presently, you can fabricate your own points of arrival utilizing basic visual, intuitive developers.

In any case, what’s the best WordPress point of arrival module for your particular circumstance? That is the thing that I’ll attempt to assist you in making sense of right now.

I’ll begin with an inside and out examination of six of the best presentation page manufacturers for WordPress. At that point, I’ll wrap up by suggesting the best apparatus for some various circumstances, as these modules have something novel to offer.

How about we bounce directly in, beginning with one of my undisputed top choices…

1. Thrive Architect



  • Self-facilitated WordPress module
  • Visual simplified design
  • 325+ pre-fabricated templates
  • A/B testing by means of Thrive Optimize module (separate buy from a similar developer)
  • Incorporations with 30+ email promoting and webinar devices
  • No inherent instalment support

Thrive Architect is a visual, intuitive WordPress page manufacturer module with an emphasis on change advancement, which makes it ideal for building greeting pages.

In the manager, Thrive Architect centres around offering a really inline altering experience. For instance, in the event that you need to alter any content, you simply click on the page and type. You additionally get various supportive greeting page components, similar to a pick in structure component that can interface with 30+ email showcasing and webinar administrations.

Also, on the off chance that you need to improve your points of arrival, a similar developer sells a module called Thrive Optimize that includes A/B testing backing to Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect starts at $67 for a solitary site permit. You can likewise get a heap of Thrive Architect and Thrive Optimize (A/B testing) beginning at $127.

Or then again, you can gain admittance to all of Thrive Themes’ instruments with the Thrive Themes participation (our survey) beginning at $19 every month (charged yearly).

Who Should Use Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect offers an incredible altering experience and the attention on inline altering makes it extremely simple to deal with the substance on your greeting pages. The gigantic cluster of templates additionally can spare you a huge amount of time.

Moreover, the alternative to include A/B testing support (by means of Thrive Optimize) is something that most WordPress page developers don’t offer.

So in the event that you need a decent all-around WordPress presentation page developer, this is an incredible spot to begin.

Two interesting points, however, are that:

  • Thrive Architect is only for points of arrival – it can’t deal with popups or other showcasing components like a portion of different instruments on this rundown. You could fix this by buying the Thrive Themes participation and using Thrive Leads.
  • There’s no work in the mix for instalment preparing, however, you could generally match it with something like WooCommerce.

2. OptimizePress 3



  • Self-facilitated WordPress module
  • Visual intuitive design
  • 100+ pre-manufactured templates
  • Combinations with 17+ email advertising services plus a catchall Zapier mix to associate with different administrations (webinars, CRMs, and so forth.)
  • Deals channel developer
  • Worked in instalment/checkout support by means of Stripe

OptimizePress 3 is a finished relaunch of this setup WordPress point of arrival developer module.

On the off chance that you’ve recently considered OptimizePress and limited it, you’ll need to reevaluate your choice in light of the fact that the new OptimizePress 3 visual, simplified proofreader is probably the best experience that you’ll discover for building WordPress points of arrival.

It offers a fast inline altering experience, alongside showcasing centred components to assist you with building your points of arrival and 100+ pre-made presentation page templates.

Where OptimizePress 3 truly isolates itself from the group is in two expansions:

  • OptimizeFunnels – allows you to make and break down total deals channels.
  • OptimizeCheckouts – make consistent Stripe-fueled checkout streams directly on your presentation pages.

OptimizePress 3 beginnings at $99, yet you’ll require the $199 Suite plan for access to OptimizeFunnels and OptimizeCheckouts.

Who Should Use OptimizePress?

Most importantly, OptimizePress 3 downright has outstanding amongst other intuitive editors on this rundown, so it’s significant for that by itself.

Once more, where I think OptimizePress truly separates itself is on the most noteworthy level Suite plan, however.

With that arrangement, you can construct firm promoting pipes and furthermore utilize an implicit checkout to sell your items directly from your presentation pages.

At $199, that arrangement is expensive. In any case, in the event that you esteem those highlights, these are things that the greater part of the different WordPress presentation page modules can’t do.

The main drawback is that OptimizePress 3 doesn’t presently offer A/B testing. More established renditions of OptimizePress supported A/B testing, so ideally this component advances toward form 3.0 soon.

3. Elementor Pro



  • Self-facilitated WordPress module
  • Visual simplified design
  • Many pre-fabricated templates
  • Reconciliations with 7+ email promoting administrations in addition to a catchall Zapier mix to associate with different administrations (webinars, CRMs, and so on.)
  • Can make popups, as well
  • No implicit instalment support, however, there are outsider modules

When contrasted with Thrive Architect and OptimizePress, Elementor Pro is to a greater extent a broadly useful WordPress page developer. It likewise offers a visual, intuitive altering experience – it simply doesn’t put a similar accentuation on points of arrival.

All things considered, it has all that you have to make wonderful points of arrival, in addition to other accommodating advertising apparatuses like the capacity to design popups, also.

There’s a multi-reason form widget that can assist you with interfacing with seven famous email advertising administrations. It additionally underpins a Zapier mix, which lets you interface with the many emails, webinar, and CRM benefits on Zapier.

You can attempt the free variant of Elementor at for exceptionally essential points of arrival. Be that as it may, in case you’re not kidding, you should move up to Elementor Pro for the form widget, popups, and bunches of other helpful highlights.

Elementor Pro beginnings at just $49.

Who Should Use Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is an incredible alternative on the off chance that you need a module that can accomplish something more than just landing pages.

For instance, on the off chance that you like the capacity to have the option to design showcasing centred popups from a similar apparatus, that is a major advantage of Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro is likewise valuable for significantly more than advertising and points of arrival. For instance, the Theme Builder include lets you design your whole WordPress website utilizing Elementor’s visual interface.

The one drawback for presentation pages is the absence of inherent A/B testing. In any case, there are approaches to fix this. For instance, you can utilize the third-party Split Test for Elementor plugin or Google Optimize.

4. Leadpages



  • Facilitated SaaS arrangement with a committed WordPress module
  • Visual simplified design
  • 100+ pre-assembled templates
  • Reconciliations with 40+ email showcasing and webinar administrations in addition to a catchall Zapier coordination to associate with different administrations
  • Make popups
  • Worked in A/B testing
  • Worked in instalment/checkout support through Stripe

Leadpages is a facilitated, SaaS presentation page manufacturer apparatus that you can without much of a stretch coordinate with WordPress on account of a devoted module.

You can construct your points of arrival utilizing a visual intuitive editorial manager in the Leadpages dashboard. At that point, you can convey those greeting pages to your WordPress site utilizing the Leadpages module.

Leadpages incorporates a protracted rundown of combinations, coordinated checkouts controlled by Stripe, and a popup developer apparatus. With the most recent form, you can even form whole websites utilizing Leadpages, however, that falls somewhat outside the extent of a point of arrival manufacturer.

Leadpages begins at $25 every month (charged yearly). Be that as it may, you’ll need at any rate the $48 per month Pro plan for access to A/B testing and implicit instalments.

Who Should Use Leadpages?

Leadpages is a decent alternative in the event that you like the SaaS approach as opposed to a self-facilitated WordPress point of arrival module.

The pleasant thing about the SaaS approach is that you can deal with all the points of arrival for various locales from one spot. In the event that you have a variety of activities going, this accommodation can spare you time and exertion.

It likewise incorporates some propelled highlights that a large number of different apparatuses on this rundown don’t offer like:

  • Worked in A/B testing
  • A bigger than-ordinary number of reconciliations
  • Popups
  • Coordinated checkouts controlled by Stripe

The fundamental drawback is evaluating. Since it utilizes repeating SaaS charging, Leadpages is certainly the priciest device on this rundown.

5. Divi Builder



  • Self-facilitated WordPress module
  • Visual intuitive design
  • Several pre-manufactured templates
  • Mixes with 20+ email showcasing administrations (however no webinar administrations)
  • Worked in A/B testing

Divi is a mainstream visual simplified WordPress page manufacturer module that comes in both a template and module form. For presentation pages, you’ll presumably be increasingly inspired by the module form, which you can use with any WordPress template.

To assist you with creating drives, Divi Builder accompanies its own select in structure module that you can associate with 20+ popular email promoting administrations.

Divi Builder additionally offers worked in A/B testing, which lets you look at how changed variants of explicit components perform. For instance, you could test distinctive catch varieties directly from the Divi Builder interface, instead of making a totally isolated design.

Divi Builder is accessible as a major aspect of the $89 Elegant Themes membership. This additionally gets you to access to all of the Elegant Themes’ different items, incorporating the Bloom email pick in a plugin that you can utilize to create select in popups.

Who Should Use Divi Builder?

For points of arrival, most one of a kind aspect concerning Divi Builder in contrast with different WordPress page developers is that it remembers worked for A/B testing. No other self-facilitated module on this rundown remembers worked for A/B testing (however you can include A/B testing to Thrive Architect with the Thrive Optimize module).

Divi Builder additionally exceeds expectations with regards to design and style choices, so on the off chance that you esteem having the option to make extremely novel looking presentation pages, that may be another preferred position.

Divi Builder wavers a piece with the incorporations, however. While you can associate with most mainstream email promoting administrations, it comes up short on a Zapier combination like a portion of different apparatuses offer.

You could fix this by blending Divi Builder with a contact structure module.

Divi Builder additionally offers an incredible incentive for your cash since you gain admittance to all the Elegant Themes items on boundless websites for one cost, including the capacity to make selections in popups with Bloom.

6. Beaver Builder



  • Self-facilitated WordPress module
  • Visual simplified design
  • Many pre-constructed templates
  • Incorporations with 22+ email advertising administrations (yet no webinar administrations)

At last, we have Beaver Builder, another visual simplified WordPress page developer that you can use for points of arrival.

Regarding the WordPress page developer modules on this rundown, Beaver Builder most likely has the least point of arrival centred highlights. It includes a Subscribe Form module that you can connect to 22+ famous email showcasing administrations, however, it doesn’t have A/B testing (like Divi) or popups (like Elementor Pro).

In any case, I think Beaver Builder can make a decent WordPress greeting page module essentially on the grounds that the Beaver Builder interface itself is simply extremely lovely to utilize.

Beaver Builder costs $99 for use on boundless websites.

Who Should Use Beaver Builder?

Beaver Builder is an excellent WordPress point of arrival module on the off chance that you don’t require propelled highlights like A/B testing, popups, or coordinated instalments.

In the event that you simply need something that will let you manufacture an attractive point of arrival with no specialized information, I believe it’s an incredible alternative.

Obviously, the various modules on this rundown can likewise do that, however, I think the Beaver Builder interface is the draw here.

You can test it out with the constrained free form at On the off chance that you like the interface, this may be the WordPress point of arrival module for you.

You’ll certainly require the paid form for presentation pages, however – the free form is very restricted.

Which is the Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin?

Presently for the significant inquiry – which is the best WordPress point of arrival module?

All things considered, that truly relies upon your necessities – there’s nobody single answer.

How about we experience a few situations…

In the first place, on the off chance that I needed to pick the best generally speaking WordPress greeting page module for just points of arrival, I would recommend OptimizePress 3 as my first decision.

It has all the highlights you requirement for greeting pages, in addition to perhaps the best interface.

The least expensive level works extraordinary for ordinary greeting pages, while the most noteworthy level includes support for pipes and incorporated checkouts.

In the event that you need something somewhat less expensive, I would say Thrive Architect is a decent subsequent choice behind OptimizePress. It doesn’t have the incorporated checkout or pipe instruments, however, it’s as yet an incredible all-around WordPress greeting page module.

All things considered, the entirety of the different modules additionally have something to offer, which may settle on them a superior decision for your circumstance:

  • Elementor – can likewise manufacture popups and assist you with designing your whole WordPress template.
  • Leadpages – great in the event that you like the SaaS approach and furthermore has propelled highlights like A/B testing and incorporated checkouts.
  • Divi Builder – has worked in A/B testing, which no other self-facilitated module offers. Likewise incorporates template building like Elementor.
  • Beaver Builder – nothing very one of a kind, however simply has a charming, simple to-utilize manufacturer interface.

FAQ to assist you with picking the best WordPress greeting page module

What is the best by and large point of arrival developer?

Once more, I think OptimizePress 3 is right now the best WordPress presentation page module.

Which point of arrival manufacturer offers the best incentive for different locales?

Both Divi Builder and Beaver Builder let you utilize the module on boundless locales for under $100, which is hard to beat from a worth viewpoint.

Which point of arrival module has the best templates?

That depends on the event that you see “best” as design quality or quantity. Thrive Architect has the most point of arrival templates, yet I think OptimizePress has the most attractive presentation page templates.

Which point of arrival module has the most straightforward expectation to absorb information?

I think OptimizePress offers the most straightforward to utilize point of arrival manufacturer interface.

Which is the best presentation page module for A/B testing?

Leadpages has the most natural A/B testing system. Divi Builder also offers worked in A/B testing and Thrive Architect has A/B testing by means of the Thrive Optimize module.

Which is best for something other than greeting pages?

In the event that you need the most adaptable apparatus, I think it needs to be Elementor Pro because it likewise offers popups, template structure, and parcels more.

Have any inquiries regarding picking the best point of arrival module for WordPress? Ask away!