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How to Fix Mixed Content Error in WordPress

How To Fix Mixed Content Error In WordPress

Having a SSL certificate is presently an absolute necessity for all websites. It’s not just an extraordinary method to make your website secure from dangers yet, in addition, receive decent SEO support consequently.

In any case, introducing and dealing with the SSL certificate and designing your website to HTTPS is a procedure that regularly includes numerous issues and blunders. One of the basic issues is the “mixed content” or “insecure content” blunder.

This is a standout amongst the most baffling issues that you’ll experience since it influences guests to trust that your website has noxious or hurtful substance by demonstrating to them a notice that basically drives them off. Accordingly, they may never visit your website again.

To keep this blunder from influencing your business and traffic, it’s critical that you settle the mistake when you found it. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to settle the mixed content blunder utilizing a basic free module. Continue perusing to perceive how it functions.

What Is Mixed Content Error?

The mixed content blunder ordinarily happens when there’s an issue with your website’s HTTPS arrangement.

For instance, when you have your website designed for HTTPS however your pictures and other media joins stacks over the old HTTP, programs consider it to be suspicious and dangerous movement and gives an insecure content cautioning to remind individuals that a few connections on the webpage could be unsafe.



At the point when the blunder happens, programs like Chrome and Firefox will demonstrate a notice message beside the HTTPS bolt expressing that the site has an unreliable substance. But they will see a notice sign by HTTPS rather than the anchored bolt image.



In a few circumstances, the program will venture to square contents or a page on the off chance that it expects the shaky substance can be destructive to users. Particularly when a website use HTTPS and burdens code, for example, JavaScript in HTTP, programs consider it to be pernicious substance and hinders the contents from sticking. Some of the time, it will even square a page by appearing frightening cautioning page to users.

How It Can Break Your Website

As a rule, the mixed content mistake won’t do much damage to your website. Your blog entries and pages will proceed to stack and the website will work as typical. In any case, keeping your website in this condition could break your website and your business.

Seeing a notification message by a website is unquestionably a warning. Envision setting off to a website to purchase something and seeing an insecure content cautioning. OK feel safe sharing your Mastercard data with such a website? Obviously not!

Some of the time, the blunder can likewise upset your website design and substance. For instance, if Chrome obstructs a critical JavaScript content from stacking, your website subject won’t be shown effectively to your website guests. Or on the other hand essential media, for example, pictures and video won’t be appealed to users.

The most effective method to Check For Mixed Content Errors

Fortunately, the blunder can be effectively settled. Above all, you have to make sense of which content causes the blunder. You can do this utilizing the program developer instruments.



When utilizing Chrome, stack the website, at that point Right Click and select Inspect Element to open the developer devices support (or press Control + Shift + I). Change over to the Security tab to see all the notification messages. Here you’ll see all the insecure content blunders identified with the website.

On Firefox, squeeze Control + Shift I to get to developer devices and you can see every notice message in the Console tab.

With this technique, you can make sense of what sort of connections, contents, or media are stacked over HTTP and fix the connections to stack them legitimately over HTTPS.

Step by step instructions to Fix Insecure Content Error



On the off chance that you have an old-school HTML website, you would need to experience a great deal of work to physically settle every single insecure content mistake. Fortunately, there’s a module that let WordPress settle the mistakes in a flash.

Suitably named SSL Insecure Content Fixer module is made explicitly to settle insecure content blunders. Here’s the manner by which it works.

Stage 1: Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer



Begin by first introducing the module on your website.

Login to your WordPress administrator dashboard and go to Plugins -> Add New. At that point scan for the SSL Insecure Content Fixer module.

Presently click Install and after that Activate.

Stage 2: Select Which Content To Fix



Once introduced, go to Settings -> SSL Insecure Content Fixer module tab to empower the module. Here you can likewise pick which content needs settling.

The module offers 5 distinct setups for settling mistakes:

  • Basic: If you’re an entire novice, this technique is prescribed to attempt before everything else. It plays out a basic run that settles the most widely recognized insecure content mistakes.
  • Content: This alternative does substance and content gadget settling notwithstanding everything the Simple choice does. Attempt this alternative if the main choice doesn’t settle the mistakes.
  • Widgets: This choice fixes every one of the mistakes in the above choices and furthermore ensure that blunders identified with WordPress gadgets are settled also.
  • Capture: This choice will settle all connections on a page from header to footer. On the off chance that the mistakes are identified with contents, this choice will settle it. Be that as it may, it might influence website execution so do it amid off-crest times.
  • Capture  All: This choice fixes everything. Possibly use it if the various alternatives fizzle.

Presently, on the off chance that you’ve utilized the program developer instruments to make sense of what’s causing the issue, you can utilize the proper design to settle the blunders.

Stage 3: Activate The Plugin



To initiate, basically select a choice and look over the distance down to choose an HTTPS Detection choice.

In case you’re utilizing a CDN benefit like CloudFlare or KeyCDN, select the choice identified with the CDN. Something else, abandon it at the default “standard WordPress work”.

Tap on the Save Changes catch and the module will do its enchantment.


The mixed content blunder is most regular among users who physically setup SSL certificates, particularly when you utilize outsider modules to set it up.

Outstanding amongst other approaches to stay away from this sort of issues is to pick a trustworthy overseen WordPress facilitating stage to have your website. These stages furnish you with free SSL certificates legitimately designed for WordPress websites that likewise auto-recharges so you don’t need to stress over managing any blunders.