Free Tools for Web Designers

Internet is a great place where we can find almost everything what we’re looking for. For designers, it’s a gold mine as well. Here is the list of awesome free resources including fonts, icons collections, developers tools, UI kits and more … much more. All these things are very useful and I’m sure, everyone will find something for himself. Check this out!

World Monuments

250 vector icons with famous monuments.

Corbert Condensed

Nice looking font.

Metrize Icons

300 metro-style icons.

Sabado Type Family

Great font, try!

Google+ Template GUI

UI elements for designers.

Pricing Tables

Nice pricing tables in a PSD.

CSS Flip Effect

By this tool you can create responsive flip effect.

Relax Widgets

Beautiful PSD widgets.

iPhone 6 Wrap Around Screen

Concept of the iPhone 6.

Verb Condensed

Great font.

Creative Link Effects

Nice effects for links.

One Div Emoticons

Text based emoticons in single div.

Viber iOS7

Design of Viber’s for iOS7

CSS Circular Navigation

You can download source and manual.

Legacy Edition

Great handwritten font.

Simple Toggle Switch

Toggle switch in CSS.

Famous Landmarks

12 icons of famous landmarks.

Icon Set

Nice 63 icons in a PSD.

PSD Player

Simple music player.

Compress PNG

Converter PNG -> PNG-8.


Again great font.

Long Shadow Flat UI Kit

Great interface.

iOS7 Glyph Icons

42 icons.

Weather Loader

Weather animation made in pure CSS.

Absolute Centering

Effect for elements centering.

Pantone Sample

Useful colour palette.

Light Patterns

5 patterns in light colour.

iOS7 Line Icons

iOS7 icons set.


Tool to keep your HTML code clean.

Jelly Navigation

Jelly animation concept just in JS and CSS.

Google Product Logos

All Google’s product logos.

PHP DebugBar

PHP debug bar.

Flat Map Icons

Map icons to download.


You can test online fonts on any website.

Thin Round Icons

Next iOS7 icons set.

60 SEO Services Icons

SEO icons set.

CSS Radio Buttons

Buttons made by CSS only.


Good tool for web developers.


Create your own Google Analytics dashboard.


Nice looking drop-down menu.

Login Script

Easy to use login script.

Vector Shapes

You can create labels and badges based on vector shapes.


Great template (100% free).


Nice looking font.


Vector icons.


Nice sources for textures.

Validation, Styling & Semantics

Great tool to designing forms.

PSD Shelves

100 editable PSD shelves.

iOS7 Calendar PSD

PSD calendar.

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